New date!

Finally have an actual move date, and therefore the bar/going away night will change. It's either going to be next friday (the 14th) or the friday thereafter (the 21st) depending on which is better for everyone.

Please let me know here if you are wanting to come and which day works better! My last day in texas is the 24th so either of those two dates work.

Edit: Here is the bar webpage. I liked this place, to be honest. Decent prices, great service, nice atmosphere.


(no subject)

I really need to move out again.  I need people I can be comfortable around every night.  Anyone let me know if they have a sort of opening for a roommate or other movings near the end of this year.


God I love strategy RPGs.  Fire emblem + disgaea = <3!  Does anyone know of any other such games that they can suggest? I"m limited to PS2 and the consoles before that, DS, and PC.